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It says it on my mug.

Like my last post, this boderlines a "real life" moan type thing. I recieved the date for my Uni interviews and, joy of joys, they are on the same day. Wednesday 5th May. Yippee...

So that means that from today, I've to do the shitatstic task of gathering together pieces of my work for two seperate portfolios. Art won't be too hard, it's bascally just a repeat of last year, omitting a few pieces and including new ones in their sted. Not too hard. However, for the photography one, I have to start from scratch. Get a folder, card for mounting, pick photos, print photos, in the darkroom as well as from my pc, arrange it all & finally stick it all down. The best part about all that is, for Photography, I have no idea in hell what I'm doing. I've done the Art interview before. Photography I haven't, so I'm winging it.
Hopefully friend & fellow applicant shall get back to my email by tomorrow and give me some pointers, as he's in the lucky position of having a tutor to help him.

Sooo. Just for a larf, here's one of the potential images that shall be present in said portfolio.

Bricks and stuff. Whether it'll be adequate enough to wow them, however...OH MY GOD I am so fucking not ready for this shit >.< Bleh, I said it. I shall now go to hide in the safety of my bed with my doggles to cuddle.
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Near my house, up some lane. It's sheep's wool tangled across barbed wire; got a few nice shots from it actually. The first scan of 3 new films I took within the last month. Was playing with the aperature and hey presto, I actually managed some ok shots. Go me!


Oct. 16th, 2009 02:57 am
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I've been going to Mount Stewart since I can remember. And I found the name carved into an old stump, overgrown with moss and lichen and all sorts of other things, when I was about 14 or so. Since then, I've been hard pressed to resist taking a new photo of it every time I pass it. It's one of those things I'll always be drawn to, I guess.

This one also managed to go through the scanner with little incident, and hardly any speckly bits. Or the varied tones are just covering them up. Eh, either way.


Oct. 11th, 2009 03:38 am
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I recently procured a negative scanner. Beast of a thing. Can scan up to 7200 dpi, rather quickly. Lots of sliders and buttons and general things to play with too. A little frustrating in the beginning; I admit I did get a little pissed off at it once or twice, for not doing as I wanted. But, I think I'm getting the hang of it, and know I'll appreciate all those little buttons soon enough.

This was the first image I picked out, at random, to test the scanner old picture, taken in 2006 I think. Not great; was for a college project on 'texture, shape, and something something'. I can't remember, too long ago. But it did the job.

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