Oct. 11th, 2009 03:38 am
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I recently procured a negative scanner. Beast of a thing. Can scan up to 7200 dpi, rather quickly. Lots of sliders and buttons and general things to play with too. A little frustrating in the beginning; I admit I did get a little pissed off at it once or twice, for not doing as I wanted. But, I think I'm getting the hang of it, and know I'll appreciate all those little buttons soon enough.

This was the first image I picked out, at random, to test the scanner old picture, taken in 2006 I think. Not great; was for a college project on 'texture, shape, and something something'. I can't remember, too long ago. But it did the job.

The scan, due to such high quality, does revel a lot of scratches, dust and streaks of developer. A lot. But you know...I kinda like it. It makes this shot look more interesting anyway. One of the reasons I was thinking of scanning my 35mm photos in was to add texture layers to them to be hip like that. But with this, some of the photos I have may become texture layers themselves. They sure as hell don't need any with this kind of result!

I'm thinking of cropping this down, so the image is more focused on the left side of this, which is the more interesting I think. I like the hard edge of the glass, comming down jagged. Saying that, I also like the fuzzy, out of focus window in the background. Hm. Well. I'll have a play around with it anyway I guess.
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