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2010-06-01 02:52 am


Psh, been nearly a month...

Long story short: I fucked up my Photography interview by being, oh ho, too tired to see straight, and my portfolio turning out less than favourably because of lack of time. So understandably I didn't get in, as we all know the high standards they keep. However 3 hours, a piece of toast and a bottle of water later, I rocked my Art interview, resulting in unconditional acceptance into the course the day after, so I'm a happy bunny. Life goes on, yadda yadda.

I will tag this later, after I have eaten Italian nougat I purcased earlier today, and had a long sleep & read of Robin Hobb's "Shaman's Crossing".
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2010-05-03 02:00 am

My eyes feel like they're made of wood

Weird way to describe it, yes, but it's honestly the only way I can describe how they feel. The pirate played by Mackenzie Crook, from Pirates of the Caribbean, who had a wooden eye, comes to mind. Oh! the splinters.

So I've been working flat out all day for two days now, on CS2, scanning pictures in, editing a little, and I can safely say it's driving me insane at a steady pace. I am sick of this pc chair, staring at the screen removing bits of dust. 'Tis not a situation I am enjoying. All I've wanted to do all day is curl up, cry, and sleep. No moar photos. Moar sleep.
Tomorrow shall be worse. Tomorrow comes the all day darkroom affair. I am not looking forward to it. I know all too well, from experience, that being in a darkroom for long periods of time, working throughout the day, seriously fucks your bodyclock. Especially when you're already tired & have a fucked sleeping pattern like me. So it should be a barrel of laughs.

Enough moaning.


I have no idea what that 'thing' is but I got a few good shots with it, so I shan't complain.

My line of thought has fizzled away so I'm leaving to try and not...something. I don't know what I'm doing now. Maybe I'll go to bed and try and forget the impending horror of tomorrow.

BLAH. Blah I say.
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2010-03-17 12:44 pm

It only takes five minutes

I'd been to Antrim before, and most likely in this area before, but not since I was younger. So probably in...10 years? Then of a whim, I ended up there on a random road trip with the "Wife". I'm glad we did, because it was rather breath taking, especially with the snow. As he drove, I practically hung out of the window taking photos with raw abandon, lol.

The film did get a little...messed, though. Upon developing, it seemed the brand of film & developer weren't exactly friends, despite saying they were on the box. So unfortunately, instead of being crisp & clear, the negatives are very pale; you can't even see the numbers or the Ilford brand name on it. Quite annoying. So in the darkroom, the outcome was less than satisfactory.

Amusingly, this meant Photoshop was the saviour of the day. It's been the only way to get good photos from that film. I spent about 10-20 minutes on the imagges I scanned clearing a few bits of dust, and adjusting shadows & hi-lights, the contrast etc., and this is one of the results. I never thought I'd say that, being a bit of a darkroom purist, but there it is.
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2010-01-08 02:07 am

Dusty, oh dusty

Godsake, does everything I upload have dust? Grr! Grr I say. CS2 will not open for me & I'm too tired to be bothered. I'll endeavour to have less dusty/bordery images henceforth.
Ever more lane. It's endless.
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2010-01-08 01:56 am

It's in the small details

Did I forget I had this account? Apparently. Tut tut. Well. Lookit! Moar lane.
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2009-11-24 03:03 am

November loss

Looks like the grass is moving, eh?
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2009-11-17 05:49 pm

Enter Title Here...

Yes, the lane again. It's not getting old yet.
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2009-11-06 03:49 am
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2009-11-06 03:43 am

Simple stuff

Some dusty bits, but eh.
Taken up the ever magic lane across from my house.
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2009-10-24 12:37 am

Something New

Near my house, up some lane. It's sheep's wool tangled across barbed wire; got a few nice shots from it actually. The first scan of 3 new films I took within the last month. Was playing with the aperature and hey presto, I actually managed some ok shots. Go me!
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2009-10-16 02:57 am


I've been going to Mount Stewart since I can remember. And I found the name carved into an old stump, overgrown with moss and lichen and all sorts of other things, when I was about 14 or so. Since then, I've been hard pressed to resist taking a new photo of it every time I pass it. It's one of those things I'll always be drawn to, I guess.

This one also managed to go through the scanner with little incident, and hardly any speckly bits. Or the varied tones are just covering them up. Eh, either way.